Wednesday, January 28, 2015

My Fake Story

I wrote  this so that you can see how easy it is to make up stories of the paranormal.

I have seen them all my life, and now they'll never go away.The first time I saw them was when I was eight and it was in the middle of the night.I had been asleep  for about four hours and I woke up calmly opining my eyes and moving my fuzzy blue blanket down so I could look around the room,wondering why I was woken up.I looked at them and not a thing went though my mind except memorizing exactly what they looked like knowing that for some reason they were here and I needed to remember them.They looked like they were someones grandparents not old enough to have wrinkles  and be physically  weak.They had on old cloths like the kind out of a western movie.It was a woman she had a soft kind face and her husband,seeing him I felt sorry and wanted to stop looking. He was in a wheel chair and he was bald with a young, but chubby face and they looked sad siting there at the end of my bed the woman standing with her hands on her husbands wheelchairs if to keep him there while they gazed back at me.I was not scared after exchanging glances with them for about five seconds, I just pulled my blue blanket back up and went back to sleep.

The the next time it wasn't Me who saw the ghost but my best friend Sam. I was "sleeping" or really just laying there not moving with my eyes closed when she freaked out, she did not scream she did not yell, but she started shaking. Her brown eyes looked black in the dim light. She moved the blankets of her and sat on my bed,she told me it was on me siting on my stomach growling at her. I almost started laughing, she was siting there keeping herself from crying and I wanted to laugh at her, this thing is mine and it won't hurt her or me, but how was I supposed to tell her that. I don't even remember how we got into the hallway I just remember her grasping my arm felling her body shake and turning to see her scrunched up scared face. She said she had too pee, but she wouldn't leave my side I had to help support her weight to the bathroom and back and after that my mind goes blank.

The third time was at my grandmothers, I had felt it watching me and I knew it was hiding, and when I saw it, it would run under my bed not to be seen again for many nights.This was not like the white protector ones I know, this one was grey and he liked being hunched over. I saw him around five times I never got to see his hole body just his head and part of his neck or shoulder. Every night I'd leave the door open so I could always see what was in my room, I never once saw him at night always in the afternoon around five and never would he come to close to me. Except one night it was just after three in the morning I was watching Resident Evil and it had only about fifteen minutes left  and it was under my bed shaking it and shaking it. I called my mom asking about earth quakes, none had happened and he had hid again.


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  2. This is a really awesome story and its is amazing how you can just capture the reader with just a bit of narration in the beginning. I think that if you would really want to you should try writing more on this and make it an actual book. Great job Kacie really love this blog!

  3. Love the eerie feeling of the story the part about your best friend was super creative! My only suggestion is to proof read before posting. Fix up those misspelled words and your story will be GOLDEN!