Thursday, January 22, 2015

My Passionate opinion

The thing I am passionate about with my subject of ghosts is the way some shows or movies make them look. I absolutely hate how many shows only show horrible gut wrenching things generated from computers. Movies like the famous Paranormal Activity 1,2,3,4,5 or even 6 are just there to scare you or make you laugh depending on your humor and never show any real knowledge and everything just seams completely far fetched.I hate when in theses movies or shows they must always have some young pretty girl that ends up being dragged down the hall or levitated on the sealing while people just stare  or hysterically freak out.

The dead files is a show talking only about ghosts and what the have done to people and how to prevent further harm or distress. Amy Allan and Steve Dischiavi are investigators of the paranormal  Amy has the "gift" of sight and Steve is an investigator who looks into the past to see who's still in the house. There purpose is not to prove wither or not ghosts exist but to help people who are having problems with ghosts and give insight on how to deal with the "guests" in there house.

Dead Files TV show -Google 

Shows like Ghost Adventures seem like there trying to hard, and make me hate watching them. They say they want to prove ghosts existence and in some ways the do but they also are over dramatic and  sometimes just plain stupid. I hate watching them take a small thing like a ball of light and be so over dramatic save that stuff for the scratches and bites that will come with some unhappy ghost.

Ghost Adventures the famous TV show 

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  1. Love this Blog!!!! I love watching movies or shows about ghost! Its like soooo interesting especially watching ghost adventures! I'm like in love with that show! I definitely agree with you though about how many shows only show horrible gut wrenching things generated by computers! I definitely want to hear more about this!