Friday, January 23, 2015

Sleep paralysis can make you see ghosts ?

Discovery news claims that sleep paralysis can lead you to see things like ghosts. The article claims that a 20 year old Salma had awoken from her sleep and was unable to move, she calmed to have had a fanged bloody creature next to her. Researchers who looked into her said she had hallucinated as a result from having sleep paralysis and that some people do see shadowy things next to them as a result. They later say that the "hallucination" is your brain's reaction to keep you from being confused and that the thing you see is actually a version of your self.

sleep paralysis-goggle

Haunted House Ghost Attacks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On August 12th of 2014 Fox 43 cameraman Nick Petrillo told house tenants that a ghost had scratched him and that his hand had started burning. tells of how Nick's experience was something that the houses tenants were subject to daily. They believe they have five ghost haunting them and that they'll scratch anyone who goes inside the house.
Possessed: Tom and Deanna Simpson claim their Maple Avenue home in Hanover, Pennsylvania (pictured) is haunted. They have lived there for seven years
The tenants house Deanna and Tom Simpson


  1. You have a very interesting blog! I like your layout and the color scheme. I thinks its great that you are interested in paranormal activity. Have you ever thought of doing a blog about paranormal movies? I think that would be great! I look forward to checking your blog out in the future. :)

  2. This is crazy! Your topic is insanely cool, I'm a sucker for anything that gives me the creeps, I had no idea about this study. I learned about sleeping paralysis and did an assignment on lucid dreaming but had no idea that having hallucinations as the ones you spoke of could happen. It'd be awesome if you could post more bout paranormal activities involving dreams of some sort, or even the hallucinations. I appreciate the simple layout and font, it allows me to pin point what I want to read without any struggles.