Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Three sites with stories from long ago

 Straight from the bible


The website was created buy the American bible society to inform readers of the story of the which of Endor. The site is set up to be designed the same way as you'd see the story in the bible with a copyright clause at the bottom with ads to the side selling different versions of the bible.The purpose is to enlighten people to the way the bible looks at ghosts and how even back then we needed help from our departed loved ones. The target audience is people whom want to know the stories of the bible.



The website is all about proving the statistics of ghosts how many people believe and how long we have tried to communicate with them.The website is set up in many different chunks for the science facts to why so many people believe. The purpose is to prove  in one way or another that your soul does go somewhere while your body stays behind whether or not that's an actual ghost.The target audience is specific to people who already believe in ghosts and just want something to prove it.



Its about a group of researcher that go to haunted places to document the truth of the paranormal activity.The website is set up to take you to each individual investigator the to take you to all the evidence they have found. To explain the reasons for searching out ghosts the reasons for them joining the team and what has been found.The audience is people who have watched the evidence or believe in paranormal activity.

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  1. I've always love this topic. Because what if there is something in the afterlife. I recommend Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel.