Friday, January 16, 2015

Using Hard Evidence

The first sighting is supposed to have come from a Greek writer in Athens, his name was Tacitus and he wrote "a man plagued by the spirit of a deceased man. The house was uninhabitable for many years because locals knew of the house being haunted by sounds of rattling chains and the apparition of a man rattling them for they were bound to his hands and feet."

The bible is one of the most trusted books out there. So what is someone to think when they read a book like the bible and find ghosts and father spirits in it? Nothing, nothing was thought about it when in the bible there are many stories with sightings of someone’s deceased father or long lost lover. " In the King James Version of the Bible, the word ghost appears 108 times " The bible has some of the first ghost sightings ever recorded and yet we still have not proven their existence.
APRA  team

There are many people out there trying to prove the existence of the paranormal and so many have found so little or have had their work discarded for a hoax or some crazy freak accident. The people at American Paranormal Research Association want to find hard evidence to prove to scientific and public communities that without a doubt existence of the paranormal.

Now people are using things like videos,tape recorders and even things like electromagnetic field detectors and electronic voice detectors, to capture that existence of ghosts. There are thousands of people claiming they have found ghosts and that they have captured them on tape.The only thing is that 90% of the tapes can be proven fake or tampered with like fishing line pulling the doors open on the counters or a shadow that could actually be coming from behind you rather than in front of you.

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  1. Nice job Kacie. Your first post was good and then this post goes more deeper into things. It is interesting how the first reported sighting was in Greece. The story he wrote was rather interesting as well. Good Job!