Thursday, February 12, 2015

Book Review: Fact or Fiction

Anne Canadeo 

The book Fact Or Fiction by Anne Canadeo was thrilling! Had I had this book at the beginning of making my blog, I would have no questions. The book is double-sided in that one side starts with facts, and then you flip it over and turn it around to read the fiction. So far, I have only started reading the fact side of the book, but this is what I've found. Canadeo is such a great writer and some of the stories she has investigated and reported on are the exact same stories I have already put for you to read.

From what I have gathered from her, she completely believes in ghosts and she tells of the different types of ghosts like phantoms which she explains to just be normal ghosts and poltergeist  which she says are usually invisible and serve to just make noise through your house.

The Bible contains many ghost stories.

This book, compared to others, is completely different; whereas most books look to persuade you, this one is just there to tell you the facts about what has really been said or what has been kept in actual historic records. Each chapter tells you two to three different accounts and what they could mean why they could have happened and what the actual people who saw the ghosts thought.

Looking to the back of the book, Anne tells of a family in financial trouble that moves into a very expensive house in which six people were murdered a year before. She tells of how the family fled the house and later had a book written on their experience. Most people who were intrigued by their stories researched the house. The story told of a priest blessing the house and locksmiths fixing the doors only to have the priest and locksmith deny ever being in that house. When the family was asked about this, they denied the accusations of telling a false story and claimed the ghost had followed them to a new home, which led to another book being written as well as a new fortune to live on. Anne then asked why would a family do this?  I believe it's the desire for popularity and money. People think they can claim to see something and get famous, well that's what happened with this family but as Anne showed unless the story is going to be true why even tell it.

The actual book on their fake story 

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