Wednesday, March 11, 2015

He appeared in your sleep

My husband and I lay sleeping, its only been an hour and were exhausted we have worked all day and were dead asleep.

My house is over a hundred years old and the last owner died in my living room. We have only been here for a month and nothing seemed out of the ordinary until last night. 

My husband was in the living room with my mother doing there taxes and I was laying on my bed eating a smarties sucker. I could barley hear them in the living room and I could hear  a loud bang I believed it was my brother coming over, only to realize he would not show up for another hour.

Yesterday I hung up a beautiful  horse mount that held three plates, at the time it only held one. 
Laying there all alone I watch the horse wall piece fall of the wall not straight down but out far enough to clear over my fridge and dresser. My still silent room shattered by the sound of glass breaking.   I look at the nails expecting one to have fallen of there perfectly intact.

I woke up felling my hair being pulled  and pulled again, my husband siting there screaming in his sleep pulling onto the thing closest to him.

He wakes up seconds later telling me he saw him. He was in a dark room holding a lantern and it was in front of him towering solid back. I don't know what happened next but it made him so scared we laid with the lights on for over an hour and the TV on for another few minutes.

My husband woke up with no recollection from the night before.


  1. This is supper cool, if I didn't know you as well as I do I would have thought it was real. Lol. I like that you put the picture at the and makes it better to imagine what the "spirit" would look like. Really great blog you have here. I love reading your story's.

  2. This is so cool, but then again it is so different at the same time. I really liked it, mostly from how different it is. Keep it up I really like your blog.